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Friday, March 17, 2006

Indian Idol- Judges Day Out

Hindustan Times: Date's exit from Indian Idol reflects divided nation
New Kerala: Amey Date's supporters in Mumbai demand ban on “Indian Idol”

Wow...Wow..Wow... Look at the histrionics...Look at the passion of the world for justice and fair play. Never has the country faced such crisis since the partition of 1947. And look how the channel managed it all so well to make extremely dumb yet so very popular TV moments.
The judges were apparently exasperated because a lesser mediocre guy got voted out over a more mediocre guy. The judges were stunned as if they came to know about the rules of the game only at that moment. hurts...Wa..Wa...They didnt tell me us people's vote decides matters..Katti Katti.. We wont sit in this chair.. it sucks..and my neighboring judge smells..We hate democracy..We hate people..We hate you..
And what passion it generated...Like when Debojit Saha was running for Sa re Ga Ma..the All Assam Students Union (AASU) appealed to the local people to vote for him, but the United Liberation Front for Assam (ULFA) has said he is promoting the cause of Hindi music, not Assamese music and therefore should not be voted for. Wow...Hats off to the people of the country who have such passion for such assembly-line manufactured idols who have to merely sing someone else's simple songs without many mistakes to rise to fame. And this passion effects crores if one is to believe the claimed billion, trillion, gazillion votes received by the channels after such shows.
However, such TV shows offer interesting insights on how our society works. First, going by the kudos received by judges for staging their protest, it is obvious that Indians are still suspicious of a democratic system. Particularly when it comes to key issues like choosing Idols, majority opinion can't be trusted (It may be OK for trivial things like country's election). And that raises an important international point...In China, popular vote decided the outcome for “Mengniu Sour Yoghurt Super Voice Girl”...Have the Chinese comrades unknowingly taken the miscalculated step of allowing democratic processes for the most important issues first?

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Rubic_Cube said...

First timer here, came looking for the Gilette 5 blade news. This post has just the expression that I have long been feeling about. Such an utter foolish fantasy and they are making a big commercial rollerball out of it. I have banned watching any such programs in my home. It is not discussed also. I abhor any mention of these shows.