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Saturday, March 03, 2007

Relief for airport security staff

Finally!!! Backscatter X-ray has made its debut in American airports. The device photographs passengers under their clothing eliminating need for metal detectors and physical groping. Passengers would be able to go through the whole screening process in just 20 seconds. Isn’t this a relief for passengers? Well, I believe that it’s a much bigger relief for people manning the security gates at airports.

Consider this, no more working in environment stinky from sock-smell where thousands take off their shoes. No more groping around private parts of people you wouldn’t bother to give a second look in the streets. No more facing the back of people while doing a pat-down search exposing yourself to a malicious fart. No more having to argue intelligibly with acerbic Democrats on the need for a strip-search, no more going through the arduous task of explaining the process to English-illiterate foreigners. What a relief for them indeed!!!!

The cartoon like images generated by the X-ray machine is unlikely to provide any stimulus to the examiners. But there is one double-edged sword: the machines will generate images with sufficient details to let know the religion of the passenger. So while it may give much-required giggle to the examiner when a guy/ girl with small one (ones) passes through, it may also dampen ego of the examiner when someone with big one (ones) passes through. TSA agents may need some psychopathic training to deal with that.

But the machines are still under trials and their effectiveness yet uncertain. As for me, I sincerely believe that to ensure flight security, all passengers must be bound by luggage straps, blindfolded, tagged, and dumped in the cargo storage space in aircrafts. Of course then, business class passengers need to be put up on saline drips.

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