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Saturday, May 16, 2009

So there it begins again….

I hadn’t been writing for a while. All the same, I kept checking my blog once in a while to see whether the groupies were clamoring for my return. But no, there were no fan requests to start writing again. Anyway, I decided to write again because this frivolous urge overcame all other frivolous wishes.

So this is a warm-up post. Of late I have been most intrigued about two aspects of my daily life; something that probably relates to most people. One is the amount of garbage that I produce. Every day I struggle to wrap the enclosing plastic bag around the huge mass of garbage that I have produced over the previous day. The combination of empty popcorn bags, potato skins, glucosamine tablet foils and useless printouts seems to be a more potent mixture than what Stanley Miller could imagine for his primordial earth. And indeed, by the next day, this garbage has a smell of life of its own, which, though not pleasant, does give me a God like feeling. Anyway, it seems an astonishing feat to be producing such enormous quantities of waste day after day. And it is annoying that this may be the only tangible outcome of my existence

The other thing that amuses me is the amount of accessories and trinkets we carry along with us. Every day, when I come back from office and unwind, I have to remove from myself the wallet, the watch, the office access card, the pen, the mobile phone, the house keys, the coins, socks, shoes, laptop bag, phew; one too many items to carry around. I wonder if life as a Roman gladiator would have been more comfortable. We may be amazed by David Attenborough’s description of bowerbirds, but the truth is that if Attenborough was to document us as animals without much expectation of intelligence, we would have been delightful characters indeed.

More to come soon…..


Anonymous said...

It was missed. How about a few articles on Indian politics?

Anonymous said...

Welcome back. You should not stop this blog. So many kids like us look up to your ideas.

It's true, we think animals are very stupid and so shows like David Attenborough's make a hit.

Your groupie ;)

Anu said...

I almost assumed that you must be travelling somewhere and we will get to read about an absolutely new place once again.

BTW, I recently started experimenting with a bit of garbage reduction and converting organic waste into compost. Hopefully one day would be able to write a post on it...:-)

Shivaji said...

Thanks Anonymous and auroraescobar...I am sure I am not a good examples for the kids...Do plan to write about Indian Politics soon...
Anuradha, I had been travelling last few months, to India and Brazil..
Are you getting into organic farming?