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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

The Dead and DVD

Forever Networks, a firm run by Tyler and Brent Cassity, has found a way to encash on death a little earlier. The cemeteries owned and run by Forever Networks, apart from providing the usual cremation services, also exhibit touch-screen kiosks where one can scroll through photos, audio and video tapes of the deceased. The firm has a basic 10 photo package for ~$600 while a 115 photo-video biography costs the client ~$4500..This is in addition to normal funeral costs...Many clients contact the firm to make a profile for themselves which can be displayed after their death....
Many have criticized the firm's attempts at commercializing something so solemn as death (Forever's 2003 revenues were $19mn)..But I personally find the idea quite appealing...This can help relatives many generations from now to get to see their ancestors in action - must be a real good feeling. I for instance would love to see how my forefathers would have lived...I also agree with the viewpoint that cemeteries are for the living rather than the dead. In other words, I think it makes sense to have a drinking water dispenser in cemeteries...May be we are not yet ready for Pepsi-Cola dispensers or advertisements on coffins and pyres.
Tyler Cassity has also introduced other ideas like displaying DNA samples of the deceased in an illuminated globe and Green burial - burying the body in a biodegradable coffin with little embalming...(could be popular in Whole Foods-crazy california)...
When will Indian (Hindu) funeral pyres come with catalytic convertors adhering to Euro II emission norms?

P.S. Read the New Yorker and Fortune for more details.

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Shivaji said...

He he.. Sources mentioned in the post - New Yorker and Fortune...
These people came on Time and New York Times Magazine too...