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Sunday, September 11, 2005

ATP rankings and Fatwa top 10

Who was India's hero last week? I am not talking of Mahesh Bhatt or Paswan who are more like messiahs for us earthlings. Most would say it was Sania Mirza, as she reached the 4th round at the US open. All news channels showed her 30% of their total airtime. The press, radio, net all went gaga over her.

But my hero for last week was Haseeb-ul-hasan Siddiqui from the Sunni Ulema Board. Yes, the same dude who voiced the latest fatwa over Sania's skimpy tennis skirts. Why is he my hero? Because I take pride on having a better sense of proportion than rest of you Indians. Consider these facts: Sania's ATP ranking may have gone up from 200s to the 40s; but Siddiqui's fatwa has straightaway lifted him from a nobody to the top 10 among Fatwa issuers. Secondly, with Sania's looks and age, it's quite easy for her to capture the limelight. But given Siddiqui's looks and age, it was truly a heroic effort on part of him to get shown all over the news media. And he is not a one hit wonder - . After Sania's skirt, he plans to target Salman's shirt and everything else thereafter. And he can surely be expected to have the no.1 slot in the Fatwa charts in the near future. Yo Yo Siddiqui..


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history_lover said...

Well he is justing doing his job...