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Thursday, March 23, 2006

The Boss Button (BUSINESS, TRIVIA)

What about a rear view mirror beside your computer to detect if your boss/colleague is coming so that you can close all the non-work related windows. Or a webcam that will detect human body contours and automatically open an excel file to show your boss that you have been digging it. Now CBS has come up with a similar idea; CBS is providing live webcasts of sports events at Its media player include a Boss Button which when hit silences the game, brings down the picture window and opens a generic spreadsheet on the computer window.

Quite something, and a simple innovation long overdue. Many other applications may require similar “Boss Buttons” – blogging sites, stock market trading screens, matrimonial sites, job sites, porn sites, even simple personal mail sites.

But is a screen with a spreadsheet the best camouflage? Bosses may look into the spreadsheet and ask you details. A blank presentation with your company’s vision mission statement may be ideal. You can say to your boss that you took a time out before/ during your assigned task to take inspiration.

What will be the ultimate innovation in this direction? That will be once human cloning becomes commonplace. One would then be able to let his/ her clone handle my professional life while he/she lives life like Jerry Garcia.

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