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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

My struggle to increase eyeballs

One month into blogging, my blog statistics read something like this: 28 site visits, 43 page views, average visit length of 53 seconds. Not only are few people reading my articles, the ones who are reading are probably just glancing through them. Or may be they are such frequent readers that they just read the latest post and move on. Some fans (fans ????) have consoled me saying that may be I am part of that "Long tail". But I am concerned whether I am really part of the tail or just the flies moving around it.
Whatever it is, I am convinced that I need to do something to increase my blogs popularity. I have several really good ideas to do that and I am sure they will succeed. Expect some of these in my next postings:
  • More sex; my blog will from now onwards give you just what you need together with a viagra pill.
  • I shall change my name and write under the pseudonym of a young girl. Then my postings will give you all a peek into the woman in me (as a fan?? suggested)
  • More of the customary intellectual bashing: Yes there will be lots of protest articles against George Bush, Laloo, Saurav Ganguly, Gujarat riots, call center working hours
  • More of the customary intellectual support: And lots more of support postings for orange-red-tulip-rose revolution in the ex-soviet republics, gay rights, IIM fees-hike, genetic feminine superiority etc.
  • Lot more page 3 : Yes, more remix articles. I shall give you the details of what happened beyond those glamorous parties.
  • More remix: I shall remix the more famous blog posts (So you will se post like "Indian IT sector shines- Lost in the bathtub mix" and so on.
  • More scandals: Yes, I shall reveal how Maikalal Jaikisan handled me when I was a kid....Only on this blog
Suggestions are welcome. Help me reach you better


Jayesh said...

Build and they will come!

Govar said...

Couldnt help coming here after noticing your comments in more than 1 blog. Reminds me of what I read somewhere abt the rules of blogging: 1) write well. That alone wont mean blog success, for which you need 2) network, that you get only by visiting and building rapport with other bloggers.

Just thought i'd post this here. Your comments sounded pretty sympathetic.

Anu said...

Just wondering why do you need more eyeballs...if you can get few people who understand what you write should be good enough....

Kaps said...

Kiruba had put up a post on what one needs to do to get noticed.....maybe u can adopt some of them. everyone goes thru such a face. don't give up.