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Saturday, May 21, 2005

Who - the Hare, or the Turtle

The internet, advanced and cheaper telecom networks, Blackberrys and Ryan Air have unleashed upon us the world of BPO, 24 X 7, global village, always-on executives. Decisions have to be made on the fly. Accuracy is secondary, Speed is the key. Wait a minute, theres no choice, you have to be accurate at double the speed. No Walk the Talk- its talk while you walk, or for some "walk while you talk". Go to China first, then figure out what to do. Buy a CRM first then figure out who your customer is. Sleeping elephants have woken up and are dancing too. Instant superstars - American idol, the Apprentice, King of the Jungle. Pre-emptive attacks!!!! DHA, ARA - make your brains work earlier in your life. How to learn HTML in 24 hours, 7 habits of effective people - instant pocket guides to salvation. Pre-cooked food, fast food, speed reading, GMAT, GRE. Be quick or be dead. Be the hare or - You are fired!!!

However the turtles are also hitting back - and as expected - slowly. The Concorde has been withdrawn. The Slow Food Movement, which promotes having non-industrially prepared food along a good company movement, is gradually drawing strength. Founded by Carol Petrini in Italy, the movement now boasts of 83,000 members worldwide. People are practising yoga, slow sex, reiki etc by hordes. In Italy again, 42 towns now belong to the Slow Cities Association.
Soap operas that run for a lifespan are fast filling up the prime-time. "Not working on weekends" is back in fashion. And yes, even the US of A is going slow on Syria.

PS: The more initiated can speed read through Carl Honore's In Praise of Slowness : How A Worldwide Movement Is Challenging the Cult of Speed. Carl wrote the book when he reached his moment of truth when he bought "one-minute bedtime stories" to read to his son.

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