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Monday, June 13, 2005

How to win a majority

Political parties the world over are finding it extremely difficult to establish a majority on their own. Many of these parties are looking at their patron dynasties to help them cross that magnificent hurdle. The Democrats in the US need more and younger Kennedys. The Congress party in India needs the handholding of the Gandhi family.

Many people hate dynasty politics; however, except for some of the African dictators, many dynasties have actually done quite well. Voters often trust them more (its like buying a Sony rather than a lesser known brand). The dynasty torchbearers also have a lot more at stake (since earning a bad name for the dynasty will ruin their chances for ages).

Therefore political parties must actively use technology and emotional arguements to ensure that there are enough electable people from their totem dynasties. Say the parliament of a country has 500 seats. The party with a star dynasty will have a much better chance of winning the majority if they have around 300 people from the same dynasty. Therefore party members should encourage the members of their star dynasty to produce a lot more babies. They should actively use technologies like in-vitro fertilization to ensure that such huge number of births do happen.
This is definitely a long term strategy but will also result in huge benefits for parties who already have a star dynasty. However too little and too many babies would create problems. Reaching the right numbers is cucial. The implications of too few babies is obvious. Too many babies will lead to divisions within the party with a dilution of brand name.
So how do the parties who dont have such star dynasties react? They need to draw inferences from this small statistic. In my locality only 44% of the eligible voters voted during the national elections. But of the ones who didnot vote, 26% actually voted for candidates in the "Indian idol" TV show. So these unlucky parties without dynasties should coach their budding politicians to be photogenic singing dancing metroes, as going forward only these local idols will have the power to attract voters and win their party that elusive majority.

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