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Thursday, June 09, 2005

Statutory Warning: Blogging can be injurious to .....

A certain Arash Sigarchi, an Iranian blogger, has been jailed for 14 years on charges of spying and aiding foreigners. He, along with another jailed Iranian, Mojtaba Saminejad, had also aired opposition to the Iranian government on their bogs.
Last year, an airhostess in the US was fired by her company for posting "inappropriate images" on her blog Queen of the Sky.
A court ruling in March allowed Apple to examine the e-mail records of three bloggers who had allegedly leaked trade secrets about Apple's upcoming music product through their blogs.
In Singapore, A*Star (Singapore's Agency for Science, Technology and Research) forced Chen Jiahao, a student, to close his blog by threatening legal action. Chen had allegedly made desultory remarks about A*star and it's boss in his blog.
Bloggers in China have been asked to register their sites with the Chinese Ministry of Information Industry (MII) by 30 June or pay hefty fines.
Of course such incidents were only to be expected given that blogs have provided such an easy route to voice our opinions. Also the power of blogs in bringing about significant change is increasing. In April, the Canadian government almost fell because of revelations about a judicial commission in Captain Ed's blog.

The Indian blog scene has been rather jovial so far. When shall we have our first blog controversy and showdown? One incident has already happened: Mediaah, a media related blog, had to close down after receiving a defamation notice from the The Times of India Group.

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