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Monday, July 25, 2005

Avoiding bad luck 100% of time

According to Financial Times;

The man shot dead in south London on Friday is not connected to attempted terror attacks on the capital, said police. The statement came as it emerged that police have been given secret new shoot-to-kill guidelines in recent weeks. New shoot-to-kill guidelines for armed police and surveillance officers confronting suspected suicide terrorists advise them to shoot to the head and not the body in case the suspect has a bomb.

The world has indeed become a frightening place. Whereas some days back I would have termed terror attacks as isolated incidents and that we should carry on with our normal lives..this incident has really changed my outlook. On one hand are some crazy individuals bent on killing innocent people in US, UK, Spain, India, Egypt, etc....and on the other hand are security men with new stringent guidelines. And in between is trapped the life of the common innocent man. The innocent man has to avoid the bad luck 100% of the time, while both the terrorists and the security enforcers have to succed or missjudge just once. Also advertisements in public places urge us to keep an eye for anything suspiscuos. What is a suspicious action for an untrained eye? If someone is new at place and walks here and there confused to find out his way, is he liable to be killed in the name of security? Will backpacks mean death? And all these risks have become so pertinent in the day to day activities of a common man - metro, bus stations, shopping malls, use of backpacks etc...Of course security departments are walking a fine line..If in a split second decision, they take chances and don't shoot and then something untoward happens, the whole public security system will collapse. But I am always skeptical of irreversible punishments - whether it is the death penalty or pre-emptive killing.
It is so sad and disgraceful that a few insane individuals (terrorists) have been able to create so much uncertainty in the already unprivileged life of ordinary innocent individuals.


Anu said...

Nice blog, read quite a few of your posts and found most of them interesting. Will keep re-visiting.


Shivaji said...

Thanks Anuradha