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Friday, July 29, 2005

Mumbai awards "Honorary MBA" to our PM

As reported in Indian Express:

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on Thursday ‘saluted’ people of Mumbai for ‘demonstrating to the world what a Mumbaikar is made of’ while dealing with the rain-induced flooding in the city....You have borne a lot of personal distress in silence and have worked to restore this city to normalcy. You have demonstrated to the world what a Mumbaikar is made of and I salute you all,” he said. On Mumbai, which made a significant contribution to the Central government in terms of taxes, not getting a proportionate amount in return, the Prime Minister said, “I think Mumbai deserves greater attention”. Replying to a query whether the heavy rains and the administration’s tackling of the situation had affected the dream of turning Mumbai into Shanghai, the Prime Minister said, “the city needs greater infrastructure. We will coordinate with the state government in making this dream come true”....Asked if the situation following heavy rains in Mumbai was a result of unplanned growth, he said, “we should take a holistic view of the developmental needs of the city”.

Yes Sir PM, I am so moved by your answers that I decided to give you an "honorary MBA". I also tried practicing your answering skills for some day to day questions:

Q: What is your name?
A: You have asked me my name
Q: What will you have for dinner?
A: I shall have dinner tonight.
Q: How do you plan to go to office today?
A: I shall use a method of commuting which serves the country's immediate needs
Q: Have the rains stopped?
A: We should take a holistic view of the sky

The world is now so easy to live in for me thanks to our PM.

1 comment:

Vikas said...

Hey thanks for the crash course in dealing with tough questions. And yes, an honorary MBA serves him right! (snide remark intended) :))