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Sunday, July 17, 2005

Sikhs mistaken again

The Indian Express reports a ten fold increase in race related crimes in London after the recent London blasts. As after 9/11 sikhs are being targeted mistakenly. There has been a petrol bomb attack on a gurdwara in Kent and an attack on a gurdwara in Bradford. And all because common people don't understand the difference between headgears. To prevent such mistakes, Pulitzer winning cartoonist, Anne Telnaes had published this wonderful cartoon after 9/11. This cartoon should be posted at all traffic signals and before religious institutions in large print.


Charukesi said...

fantastic post and picture!(and by the way, your poll doe snot have an option 'none of the above' which is what I want to vote)

Shivaji said...

This should come in the second page of all textbooks also...

Unknown said...

First stop here ! Funny and creative blog name :) Nice pic.