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Friday, July 08, 2005

Time everywhere

I wonder whether time-pieces have become the most common sight in our day to day lives. There is a time-piece on my mobile, my pen, my microwave, radio, refrigerator, AC remote, laptop screen and even the Dali print in my room. There are time pieces on feng-shui items, car panels and a small time-indicator appears at the corner of many TV channels.

And guess what even my watch is a time-piece!!!! Wait a minute, the manufacturer has also put three smaller time-pieces inside it. Since each clock or watch has a life of its own, i find it increasingly difficult to ensure that all of them are moving together. They are like a flock of sheep that have to be kept in a pack by the herdsman. I can understand why there has to be a road light every ten meters or a square meter of tree cover every 3 square meters, but why should there be a time-piece for every square feet? Nowadays time pieces come cheap, so they can be put everywhere- but then so many other things come cheap: ball-pens for instant. So which new items will come with time-pieces attached - belans, condoms, eating plates? May be cigarettes.

1 comment:

Pen said...

mebbe on the plates at classy restaurants indicating ur taking too much of their time...!!
:) nice one ozzy.