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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Sensex and common people

The NSE Index went up by 1.8% today...If I were Manmohan I would have declared a national holiday tomorrow to celebrate this and termed it as Mumbaikars heroic fight-back (I would have also termed it as Rajiv Day)..and if I were the communists I would have declared a strike to prevent further economic growth.. All the same I feel like taking a day off...

Middle class people exhibit very interesting attitudes towards stock markets and these are some of the excerpts:

Mother: It’s gambling. How does your conscience allow you to deal with shares?
Sister: The more high valued a stock, the more attractive it is. So Infosys at 5000 is a better buy than Infosys at 2500..
Neighbors: Give me some tip. Please give me some tip. How is that broker? Oh, do give me some tip..
Jeeja: I am really scared of stock-markets. Since you insist, I will invest Rs 500...
Father: You buy shares, but buy some Kisan Vikas Patras also
Friend 1: I know that stock is good..I have insider and I did analysis
Friend 2: I have no money to invest. Do you have some?
Colleague: What? You bought mutual funds instead of stocks..Are you getting married soon?
TV analyst: If the market is going up, it means it is going up...If it's going down, it's going down


Charukesi said...

Why Rajiv day? this is about the spirit of Mumbai - you should call it Chhatrapati Shivaji day :)


Shivaji said...

Equally strong case... but the Ruling party at center is a little challenged when it comes to naming and renaming things..

Prithi Shetty said...

The attitude list is hilarious :D and true.

Bee said...

great blog...found it on a random blogsurf..
btw,this is brinda.coincidence,huh?? :-D

Shivaji said...

@ brinda
But I am so sorry, I didn't get the co-incidence bit..