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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

This week in Religion- India

On the right side of GOD: In Madhya Pradesh, the Chief Minister has once again made it legal to carry the Hindu symbol - Trishul (Trident) in public places. This is a decision of immense implications to the life of a common man. Now we can all feel safe in style (yes, the sleek tridents look real cool)

On the left side of GOD: Ram Vilas Paswan, the lost child of Raifaah, re-iterated that he will support any party provided it appointed a Muslim as a CM. Wonder if it makes more sense for Ram Vilas to become a Muslim himself. By the way, after having accomplished his wish in Bihar, he wants to appoint Muslims as heads of the Censor Board, the Supreme Court, the Wakf Board and the VHP. Ram Vilas's belief has been strengthened by the success of Middle Eastern countries that have Muslim rulers.

Just below GOD: Some dudes have made a 7-feet idol of the elephant god in Mumbai. What's more, the idol is made of groundnuts only. Probably it was done so to help the poorest of Mumbai who can swim and collect the groundnuts to escape malnutrition, when the idol is immersed in the sea after ten days.

On top of GOD: The Election commission asked the lotus symbols to be removed from textbooks in Madhya Pradesh, the High court has asked for a peaceful Ganesh Puja with controlled noise pollution, and I made further progress in taking theism out of my parents' belief system.


history_lover said...

Ram Vilas Paswan is desperate to emerge as a "secular" alternative to Laloo .Thus his consant refrain for a Muslim to be CM of Bihar

Charukesi said...

and here I was, thinking there is only a right side and a wrong side with respect to god :))
great post, loved it!

Prithi Shetty said...

Good post