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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Fighting Globalization in Mumbai

Every morning they come out in hordes..They space themselves at the street kerbs at distances similar to the way streetlights are placed...They sit facing the road looking at the cars going by.. a smile of contempt comes across his face.. And then he, then he, and then he ...
..sits in a peculiar position...and then he, then he, and then he ... and he defecates...

yes, they are our own anarchists.. they make the best anti-globalization protest...Damn all you rich people moving around in fancy cars...Damn all you BPO workers moving around in those large vehicles...Damn all you labourers widening roads to make them look like Shanghai.. You all moved ahead while I was left behind...They say something called Sensex is reaching 9000...Now take it you capitalists..Smell my f**** sh**....

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Anonymous said...

it is ike we read bombay times (and now mumbai mirror:) in the loo, they watch us passing by - entertainment :)