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Monday, November 28, 2005

Women have it so much worse than men

When it comes to working of our body, women have it far worse than men. Women have to go through an arduous pregnancy process which culminates with an extremely painful and potentially fatal childbirth. Women suffer from an increased risk of osteoporosis. They are also prone to breast cancers. Menstruation and menopause only add to their misery.

Often the working of the female body, together with social mores, makes things worse. For instance, the only cases, where one can argue that men have it worse compared to women, are when it comes to balding and need to shave. Well, in modern days of style, women have to shave much larger square feet of area as compared to men. And while it's OK for many men to skip a few days of shave, it's no way out for women. Take also the case of restrooms. In any major city, the queue outside the women's restrooms will be many times longer than the men's. This actually led New York to adopt a “potty parity” scheme. As per the Economist: the scheme... requiring many of the new and renovated buildings in New York City to have twice as many toilets for women as for men. A 1984 law had foolishly enforced equal numbers... With this, New York City joins California, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas, Washington and other jurisdictions in enacting 'restroom equity' laws." But it will take a long time for things to improve.
And after all these, women live a lot longer than men in most societies (6 years more in USA, 1.5 years more in India). And as many will tell, living is the most difficult thing to do. And women don’t get to live extra years of youth, the extra years are those of old age, of hospital smells and dependence on others for respect and support. It's surprising, how evolution got it worked out so strangely when it came to women physiology. And if you believe that evolution had nothing to do with it and it was all God's masterly architecture, then it's one more reason to lose your belief.


Ashish Gupta said...

Women need twice as many restrooms as men because for them their are many other purposes of restroom beside the obvious one (like makeup, girltalk, etc.)! Btw, there is one much good thing with women's body than men. Women enjoy sex more than men, and while there is upper limit of number of times per day a man can have sex (penis rashness factor), there is no limit for ladies :)

Prithi Shetty said...

Wow that's quite an article. You have gathered most data well.

shikha said...

hillarious to say the least!

I guess one just grows up knowing certain things and adjusts!

I am sure men also have certain problems...just that they are never talked about!