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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

The work of three photographers

I have developed a liking for photography and the work of two photographers has a role to play with this- Robert Turner and Ed Burtynsky. While both of them take their images in color (quite unusual for art photography); Robert Turner deals with pure nature while Burtynsky deals with human waste juxtaposed against nature.

Robert Turner's photographs deal with nature (wilderness) and bring out beautifully the effect of sunlight, unusual landscapes and foliage. Many of these capture distances over many miles and use digital technology to provide brilliant effects to the final print. Robert Turner says "He considers his work successful if the viewer feels a sudden urge to meet the wilderness", and I must agree that he succeeds, well, at least in my case.

Burtynsky takes a different twist to capturing nature: He focuses on the huge human exercises and juxtaposes them against a natural setting. His portfolio deal with images like those of huge tire dumps in California, ship-breaking in Bangladesh, quarries in USA etc. The unusual pictures of such very real settings provide a sort of uneasy experience. While the images reveal the enormity of disruption caused by humanity; the images also have a beauty attached to them because of the vivid play of light with unusual patterns.

The Ed Burtynsky exhibition is on at Stanford University while the Robert Turner exhibition is on at the Harvard Museum of Natural History. And of course, as an opportunity to show off, I encourage you to also have a peek at some of the amateur photographs that I took recently.

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Anonymous said...

amazing pics. and yu call yourself an ameteur!! is singapore so beautiful? I thought it was all bildings! am pleasently surprised. should visit that place someday