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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

The legend of Amar Singh

In the world crowded with politicians vying for our attention (vote), Amar Singh stands out. No one comes even close to him (The nearest person in his class may be Rajeev Shukla which itself says how unique Amar Singh is). Now why am I such a big fan of Amar Singh? Simple!!! Because he’s a rock star. His hair style is the most trendy among politicians. Just imagine that there is no baldness in his front, and you will see Frank Zappa, and with the baldness he resembles the great Hulk Hogan in his youth. Despite his not-so socialite like accent, he is India’s best answer to Paris Hilton – a socialite par excellence, hobnobbing with the who’s who of Bollywood and Indian industry. This shows how easy it is for him to speak the language of artists as well as entrepreneurs. And don’t even think that he is a part-time politician. He has the best ability among all politicians to pick the most important issues facing the country. Take his latest passion- the crusade against phone-tapping. For the uninitiated, this may be confounding. But this indeed is the most significant issue. Why, even I am pretty sure that my phone has been tapped so many times. Kids, housemaids, friends, relatives, all have the habit of tapping phones, especially mobiles (I mean tap-tap, with fingers). And if you think I am crazy, ask Jayalalitha, Chandrababu Naidu, and even Advani; all of them face the same issue with their relatives, friends, children, housemaids- people have a tendency to play with other’s phones- and sometimes tap-tap. Even the Democrats in the US are pushing George Bush on the phone tapping issue, after taking a cue from Amar Singh.

The hopeless skeptics may think that Amar Singh is making so much noise about it because in reality he has something to hide. Even if that be the case, we must be proud that in Amar Singh, we have our own George Galloway (the loudest British MP, now a part of Celebrity Big Brother). And who knows, the tapped phone-conversations may yet provide us the best entertainment, once they are released by Sonia Gandhi’s crew – I am thinking of a conversation laced with the most intricate Lucknowi Gaalis. That will be some feast. Amar Singh, you rock!!!

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