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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Tatkal Canonization

The tatkal counter in the Vatican has accepted the dead pope's application for sainthood.

Benedict has put his predecessor on an unprecedented "fast track" to the highest pantheon the Catholic church has for those it considers truly worthy. He removed the five year interval between a person's death and the ability to start the process to declare them a saint.

The best prospect for John Paul II's case seems to be that of a French nun who suffered from Parkinson’s disease and was "cured" of all symptoms after prayers to the late pope. (Incidentally the pope himself died from Parkinsons.)

The Tatkal counter of Sainthood has been quite busy these days. First there was Mother Teresa and now the dead Pope. The process is simple. Followers have to submit a few attested copies of two miracles by the candidate for sainthood. These miracles are then scrutinized with utmost rigor by people who have had spent all their life in believing in miracles. Miracles must not be related to major world events like say solution for the Israeli-Palestine problem which are by nature unsolvable by divine efforts. Also these highly miracle skeptic investigators have to take a vow to not take any gifts which might influence this immensely rigorous rational process.

Hope life was so simple for people like us.


Anonymous said...

LOL! These jokers keep going, don't they?

The Comic Project said...

That's good business for the notary isn't it :-) I see another possibility. Say Mother Hen and Papa Polly have one miracle each, but both want to be canonized, they consolidate their miracles and voila!! you have Saint Hen-Polly!!!

Tatkal...amazing. Great post mate.