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Monday, May 08, 2006

Relocated to Singapore

So, I have relocated to Singapore. The apartments are smaller than in Mumbai!!!!! But the swimming pool in the apartment is four times as large as we had in Mumbai.
The high point so far has been the beach which is just a 5min walk from my apartment. I have become a compulsive runner and it was great to run on the beautiful and lush green promenade next to the sea. However, the weather is too hot and humid and I had to slow down considerably from my normal speed.
What is the solution for all this heat and humidity which many people blame on global warming rather than on latitude or altitude? I believe that the only solution is to convert the whole earth into a shopping mall and then get it air-conditioned. Because, may be in case of global warming, cure is better (cheaper??) than prevention. And more than anything else, to be able to convert the entire earth into a shopping mall will be the ultimate triumph of the human spirit. Ok, Kyoto is there, but lets also explore the Wal-Mart protocol.


Pen said...

das.. ur frosty sojourn starts..? all the best dude..

Bishu said...

Welcome to Singapore lah.Are you by any chance staying in Mandarin Gardens ?

Shivaji said...

Na..I am staying near ECP and Tanjong Katong