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Thursday, July 06, 2006

Of Super-Heores and Super-Vixens

The world today is flush with super heroes. We now even have super heroes from India, a land not known for being physically too active. Super heroes with super powers have always been an example of the fact that life isn’t fair. The concept of super heroes explains pretty clearly and very early in childhood the following:
  • One needs to have super human powers to do even small things like delivering pizza
  • One must not fight evil unless he is a super hero
  • Braun beats brain
  • Men need to be fair.. and handsome (We do need Emami fair and handsome)
  • Hate your parents if they are normal
  • Jockey boxers are out of fashion
  • The fat have no hope

(One thing has always perplexed me. A super hero is only respected when he is not living his own face and has to put on masks. So how can anyone be successful as a super man if he can’t be successful as a man?)

In a world that is fast accepting that good is not good enough; is getting yourself bitten by spiders the only way out to survive? Not at all. The super heroes are out of sync with present times. In most cities, crime rates are falling as economies grow and abortions increase. We no more need super powers to fight crime, we would rather have powers to finish power points and excel models faster. One wouldn’t also mind a super hero who helps a damsel in distress by fast scanning a shopping mall and bringing her the cheapest Gucci purse. Also today’s metro-sexual society has no place for a man who doesn’t know how to cook anchovies and who can only admire “POWS” and “BANGS” instead of Beethoven’s ninth and Air’s new age music. Kids are also spending more time learning words like "asasakuwsdmsla" for the spelling bee contest rather than spend time on super hero fantasies.

The world will soon realize that it no more needs these super heroes. However, there will always be a need for SuperVixens (if you have seen the landmark erotic movie of the 70s)

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Anonymous said...

"In most cities, crime rates are falling.... "

Dude, I don't think this part is true.I think it's the reverse.