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Monday, September 25, 2006

Rating service for devils

The practice of calling others “devil” is back in fashion. It all began when George Bush termed some countries as part of the “axis of Evil”. But Iranian politicians have been calling America the Great Satan for over 25 years. Recently Hugo Chavez called G Bush the devil; super-evangelist Jerry Falwell followed up by calling Hillary Clinton worse than Lucifer the devil. In this confusing world of allegations and counter allegations; one thing is apparent: that there is a glut of devils; and there is a glut of people calling others devils. And the common man is confused.

So why not agree to some common metrics for judging to what extent someone is devil; and always, such important decisions must be left to trained professionals and should not be tried at home. So I recommend that we get rating agencies to do the job; on the lines of Standard & Poor, Moody’s and Fitch. They can rate devils as AAA, BAA etc.; naming conventions can be decided by UN affiliated bodies (like ICANN). The devil rating agencies will especially need to be specialize on emerging market devils; read African and Middle eastern dictators.

While initially the devil rating agencies may focus on celebrities/ politicians; later they should roll it out for common men. So like every American has his credit rating score; he can also have a Devil rating score; such a score will be particularly useful for making friends, dates and life long partnerships. But what will be the likely composition of the management board of such a rating agency: imagine Khomeini, Chavez, Bush, Jerry Falwell all sitting in the same room. But that’s nothing shocking; the world is pretty much run by the same group of people

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