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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Virgina tech shooting, NRA and ,,,

Another campus killing in the USA; and another coming true of the prophecy by National Rifle Association (NRA) legend Charlton Heston that the Gun could only be snatched from “my cold, dead hands”. While the NRA has successfully lobbied for years for the right of Americans to own guns on the pretext of the second amendment, gun related crime in USA has remained incredibly high compared to other developed countries. The Virgina Tech incident reminded me of an incident in Boston. Two years back, I had just moved into an apartment in Backbay area. Lost and confused as always, one day I got into a the adjacent building which was a copy of my own and even had the same numbering scheme for the apartments. I tried my key at the apartment I thought was mine and kept on trying for five minutes, wondering what might have gone wrong with the lock. Nervous, frustrated, and anxious; I got down to check with the butler. He quickly figured out the mistake and advised me likewise. I joked with him saying I was lucky since no one was inside, else he would have handed me over the police for trying to break in to his house. He instantly retorted that I was luckier since he was more likely to have shot me before handing me over to the police. And I realize how true he was.

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