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Sunday, May 20, 2007

Postage stamps, pop-trash and activism

A letter from the YMCA with a postage stamp commemorating Demi Moore’s infamous ‘Striptease’ pose; a letter from the “Girl Scouts of Korea” with a postage stamp showing Woody Allen as “Kosher Pedophile”; a letter from Bill Clinton with a postage stamp commemorating Monica Lewinsky’s sperm-stained dress. What is all this?

Well, these are the artworks of Michael Hernandez De Luna, an artist based out of Chicago. He makes fake postage stamps, procures used envelopes, and then combines them to a great effect. De Luna’s stamps typically cover subjects from pop-culture, politics, religion etc. He has attacked Barbie dolls, McDonald's, Pedophilic Catholic priests, US imperialism, Playboy and of course George Bush. He has repeatedly managed to fool postal authorities worldwide who have innocently put their seal on these envelopes marked with fake stamps and delivered them diligently to the appropriate address. De Luna then frames the initial set of stamps and this marked envelope to exhibit as an art-work and has frequently being involved in controversies.

Some of my favorites are shown. For more, please go to this link.

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