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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Solutions for global warming

Global warming!! Yes, these two words have become the new icon; more recognizable than Paris Hilton or Sanjay Malakar. And together with this is the concept of going green. The PM of Japan wants the world to go green; in Europe going green has become a compulsion for all politicians with David Cameron setting up a toy windmill over his rooftop and Al Gore getting an Oscar. Even America, home of Exxon which for years decried global warming as a false alarm, is rising up the green ante state by state. Oil companies like BP and Shell have created such branding (creating a green image while spending peanuts on renewable energy) that a Martian would mistake them for a farming company. However, global warming and its science, climatology, remains a not so well understood subject. With experts themselves confused, the common man, with his lack of understanding and his urge to do good for the earth, is feeling distressed. All he knows is that its getting hot in here and we need to save the plants.

I came across people floating the following ideas during some conversations:
“We must reclaim land set-up tiled flooring in the poles to prevent polar bear from sinking.” “Can we not centrally air-condition all the cities?” “If we wear these ‘save the world’ wrist bands, will it reduce the temperature?” “Let’s stop eating green vegetables to protect these plants; let’s do with red cabbage and bananas only” Yes, after many years, vegetarians are finally getting it back; as for non-vegetarians, many have stopped eating all together. Many Indian families are taking pride at the foresight of their ancestors in installing the tradition of planting tulsi in every house.

With no signs of reduction in carbon emissions, piecemeal attempts at imposing controls and the largest polluter staying out of Kyoto, experts are coming up with extreme solutions. One suggestion is to send thousands of satellites to space to block out 2% of suns rays. Others suggest sprinkling the seas with shiny dust particles to reflect back sunlight. All have cost implications and uncertainty about its sustained effectiveness. But there is a sure-shot solution; something that the Chinese government had implemented long back, albeit with a different purpose. And the solution is to put curbs on the number of children one can have, especially in developed economies. Yes, greenhouse gas emissions and forest depletions are directly linked to the economic activity, a lion’s share of which originates from the developed world’s demands. If population falls, so will the scale of economic activities, and eventually global warming will subside. This may sound un-compassionate, but if things go beyond control with global warming, there would be millions of quick deaths begging for our compassion. Its better to take steps now when those babies are not yet born and for whom our feelings are yet to be formed. But will the world’s master polluter, who refused to sign Kyoto, be ready to impose such controls on itself?


Anonymous said...

BRAVO for your proposed solution. By the way, the new hair-raising icon emerging from the recently concluded sixth season of American Idol who has become a household name with girlie girls, their mommies and aunts, especially for his outrageous ponyhawk is Sanjaya Malakar :)
At any rate, for added entertainment, feel free to take a peek at Enjoy :)

Dev said...

The major source of CO2 is burning of fossil fuels so maybe going nuclear (for power generation) with electric vehicles may be a more sustainable solution if Uncle Sam lets you.As for the other major source i.e. Cement manufacture (the major reason why China overtook US as highest CO2emitter)I can't think of a solution other than mud huts right now. Decreasing population although good would most likely increase the per capita emission.