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Friday, January 30, 2009

The beautiful people

He looked at the next person in the queue; an ugly unshaved bastard. “This dude will probably be the last person on earth to buy a moisturizer”; he thought. It had been a bad day at work. He had only been able to snatch a small tube of shaving cream. Why is the world becoming smarter every day? He had been looking for a MAC Select Cover Up for his wife; but the closest he came to was a NIVEA concealer that he had seized from a clueless 40 something Russian lady. But his wife was very fussy about brands and sex hadn’t been that great for the last two weeks.

But then his eyes lit up; “Oh dear, there comes my target!” He spotted this long legged blonde who displayed all the right signs of being a terror suspect, blonde, designer shades, high heels, and an LVMH bag. What more can an airport security guy hope for? He alerted his colleagues and as soon as her bag went though the purgatory x-ray machine curtains, he pressed the button. They got in to frenzy like a pack of hyenas as they seized a nail polish remover, a toner, and a MAC concealer as well. After sharing the spoils, they reverted back to their duty stations, everybody shiny happy people.

P.S.: People magazine, take note. Post 9/11, the sexiest people on earth are not those run down holywood actors, but the airport security guards and their best friends.


Anonymous said...

Did you conjure this up yourself or used it from a book?

Shivaji said...

This is reality; nothing is conjured

Anonymous said...

if you could write like this for much longer, you'd be writing a very interesting book :D