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Tuesday, January 06, 2009

The glorious Minutes of the Meeting

What is the most glorious achievement of mankind? Is it the The American Revolution, the French Revolution, the Paris Commune, or the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Stampede? No my dear; it’s something you take for granted, the minutes of the meeting. You don’t realize because it’s so ubiquitous and seems so mundane; but minutes of meeting define the values of liberty and equality like no other. For much of human history, only the words and acts of the kings, the ministers, and the messiah have been recorded. This hadn’t changed till the 1960’s when the spread of Anglo-Saxon style of corporate functioning entailed that every meeting will have its minutes, and every participant’s opinion, no matter how irrelevant, shalt be captured. Whether you are black or white, low caste or upper caste, client or consultant, your views will be captured in the minutes, emailed to many people and stored for infinity in some server or the other. So my fellow corporate citizens, next time it’s your turn to prepare the minutes, don’t shy away from this. Don’t entertain the feeling that you have been assigned the most eventless task. Cherish these minutes as you prepare them, represent everyone’s views, and store them in multiple versions in various servers. Our future generations, when they read these minutes, will be proud of us.

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