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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

This one goes to the translators

Have you ever wondered who the least free people in the world are? No. no, they are not the people from your small community. In my view, they are the translators or interpreters. As I am travelling around Brazil on a business trip, I cant help wondering about their massive plight. They are totally shackled to their employer’s chain of thoughts. Of course, there are a few deviants and there are myths that translators in Africa were often responsible for its colonization by always interpreting discussions between the colonizers and the natives in a way that was favorable to colonizers. But in present days, they are the people who have the least right to exercise any creativity, to exercise even a small amount of their free will, forced to follow every single word of their master or mistress.

A moment of silence for the translators, please!!! After all, a moment of silence needs no translation and provides these unfortunate people the only opportunity to be human beings in the true sense.

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