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Sunday, February 08, 2009

Chehuahua: Chronicle of a revolution foretold

I felt like a revolutionary today. I heard over the news that millions of poor Chinese migrant laborers had lost their jobs. All because some bankers in New York and London took shortcuts in their spreadsheet formulas. The revolution hormone went up from my lower back up to my head and I dashed to collect my Che Guevara tees. It was smelly from the sweat; yeah, I was feeling revolutionary a couple of days ago as well. It will take a day for me to clean and dry it. And the dry cleaner is closed on Sundays. How do I satiate my revolutionary instincts to destroy for good this state of capitalistic cretinism? It’s too hot to venture out and so I click “Join” in the facebook group “Anarchism: Freedom and Equality… whatever”. The group, as all facebook groups, is a last attempt by its moderator to show-off and I get bored within one minute. The urge to own for the comrades their right to keep with them the surplus value of labor is not going anywhere. I read again about Subcommandante Marcos on Wikipedia, it’s a long unorganized article; shame on its volunteer writers. I start humming Hasta Sampre Commandante.. I don’t know the lyrics after that. It’s not going anywhere. Time is running out for the workers of the world. The TV is still filled with Obama smiles; after all he is one of the few to get a new job in such dire times. Down with leftist revisionism!! No, you can’t. And they don’t write new Bush jokes no more.

I look around: there’s no other way but to resort to my last option. I empty the can of Mountain Dew from my freeze. Viva la Revolution. I calm down. Time to iron my shirts for tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

another cleverly crafted post. you've touched on many issues here. of note, the facebook groups' real worth. well not all of them as very few has taken facebook connectivity and usage to good use. but all of them are really as half-assed as wearing a che guevarra shirt. keep writing! you have a quaint talent for satire and polemics.