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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Did the lions know it all the way?

After the fall of the Soviet Union, it had been widely accepted that the lions knew it all the way. The lions’ system of winner takes all was unanimously assumed to be the best panacea for emancipation of mankind. But human history is too short to declare the outright victory of any ideology. It took more than 1800 years for the Greek democratic system to come back in vogue. And many thought republicanism had its final coffin nail when Cromwell’s dead remains were hanged again. Suddenly, after the financial crisis, state intervention in back in vogue. Liberalism’s self proclaimed protagonists such as The Economist have evaluated world leaders based on how fast they came out with bailout packages and how large those packages were. Concerns about obesity have taken a back seat as governments are almost heckling their citizens to consume more. Modern state voluntarism is being paralleled in efforts by Old state voluntarism, the church. The current economic uncertainty, as with any uncertainty, is encouraging the missionaries to proclaim with more confidence that their religion is the cure-it-all for the human race as they have systematically removed all our earlier problems. And two separate groups of Christian volunteers (from different sects) have knocked on my Singapore house to embrace their faith to get relief from the uncertainty of credit crunch and H1N1 (their exact words). Smartness, as they say, always lies in remaining gullible.

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Aurora said...

Makes sense. Okay I'm convinced it's not dead yet. Thanks for this post.