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Monday, June 15, 2009

Announcing the formation of a new religion

Ok, this was due for a long time. Finally, I have decided to start that new religion I had been thinking about. And unlike all other religions, this new religion would be based on what people actually want. So I plan to conduct a market survey first to find out what people want their religion to mean for them Unlike previous religions that couldn't benefit from such tools like market surveys, this new religion will give you exactly what you need. Salvation and eternal happiness had never been so near. Let me make it clear upfront that my religion is only for employed professionals in the age group 25-40 with an annual income of over $75,000; their life partners are also eligible. So, if you belong to that group, please answer the simple survey below to help me design this new religion. If you don't belong to this segment, ask someone you know who belongs to this segment to fill up this survey online.

What do you want the name of the religion to sound like?

What form do you want the holy book of your new religion to be?

Where do you want the holy city of your religion to be located?

What food do you want to be prohibited by your new religion?

How many gift giving holidays related to your new religion do you want in a year?

Which celebrity would you want to be associated with your new religion?

Would you want gay marriages to be allowedg under your new religion?

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