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My ebook
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Thursday, March 25, 2010

A post with no name

My last few posts have been rather introspective, wherein I have tried to find deeper meanings behind the surges of water during a toilet flush and drew parallels between the sights of a child pushing his own perambulator and a man carrying his own coffin. Drawing extreme parallels and analyzing layer beneath layer of human activities is quite common among writers: professional, amateur or wannabes like me. But after a page load of it, it does appear that perhaps there’s not much of a small step for mankind in comparing the depression of a mind with that of the insides of a refrigerator that had been kept switched off for a while. And perhaps there’s not really much of a point describing the chain of consequences behind the rustle of a dried leaf unless it can be seriously related to global warming or early signs of infidelity from Tiger Woods.

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