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Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Thoughts during a public transport ride

The capitalist corporate cloud cover insulates us all from the sufferings worse than ours by constantly attacking our self-esteem and ego with milestones and stretch performance standard, thus converting the mundane into a glorified breathtaking spiral race.

Isn’t travelling essentially a constant search for a dipstick experience of the un-spoilt, pristine world, untouched by modern (western) civilization inhabited by simple souls, vetted by colorful travel books; in other words, a search for a zoo on a larger scale?

Is the haloed family as an institution is nothing but a slow moving whirlpool of mediocrity; parenthood is all about succumbing to the urge of evolution to reproduce and then the disgusting outsourcing of personal ambition and human potential to the next generation; suffering supportive parenting is nothing but losing a considerable control of your future to your parent’s misfortune, sloth, and prejudices.

Is charity or social work for the poor just an excuse to feel self-important in an environment where you are surrounded by people in situations worse off than you covering you with the haze of their supposed inferiority, wretchedness and indebtness?

How many times will we discuss property prices and stock indices with our friends? Will friendship exist in mute in a world of perfect information under the efficient market hypothesis?

How many days will I suffer when I become old? Which body part will be the first to develop cancer? Who will hurl at me the most insults? When will I watch my last tooth bid farewell? Which will be the first words from me not making any sense? When will it be the first time I will shit in my bed and cry?

There comes my station

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Regina said...

Your posts have become prosaic. I think it's hard to think of such things you've brought up especially in Singapore where poverty is not as bad as, say, India.