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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Leaked report from an excavation

From site number 2457
More fossils and tools
From three million years before
The species we named Fimupukhara,
Their brain cavities much smaller than ours
But they are very strange

The females, we knew it from their hip width
Their right arms all bent at the elbow by eighty four degrees
Perhaps from carrying huge bags we found next to these bones;

Lots of plastic bags in beautiful colors
Sent to lab, need to examine them in detail;

We found gold teeth and plastic penises
Signs of a sub-species that was evolving;

But then the species became extinct, almost all of a sudden
We searched for meteor falls and other possible causes,
And the most recent bones were all of older individuals
How could this be possible?
But all analysis points to this
Seems they all just refused to have babies

Our government stopped our research
And placed a gag order on us
Out of fear for our own species

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