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Saturday, December 13, 2014

My open letter to open letter writers

The culture of writing open letters has taken India by storm. What essentially began as a subculture among unknown IIT graduates (remember those 'Open Letter from an IITian to Shivaji Das'), has now been taken over by celebrities. That is somewhat understandable because Open Letters are highly secure, the recipient can never get the contact details of the sender, so no chance of receiving Tution and Insurance agent fliers. Open Letters also solve the problem of having to know and write down the detailed address of the recipient.

So while the Indian Postal Service still rules the roost with more than 50 million letter deliveries a day, open letters are catching up fast [over 3 million open letters in circulation in India if Google Search is God].

But a stinky reality of this open letter obsession is that if no open letter has been addressed to you, you are a complete nobody. So friends please write me a one. I was kidding earlier about that open letter to me. I am still waiting for one at my mailbox.

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