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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Fitting it in

A music video by an Indian band is all over television channels. The supposedly funk song talks of how all gods are same and even more that they are one (as if someone had seen the gods of all religions and found them to be same).
More interestingly the band sings some cliched highfalutin lyrics. They talk of achievements/ contributions of mohammad, jesus and shiva (not a homogenous class). What i found most interesting is that to comply with the demands imposed by the rhyming of the song, the band had to choose word arrangements that fit in. In the process the band is forced to talk about rather unimportant things about the trio. For two of the trio they talk of some of their lesser perceived contributions and for one they praise his teachings as a whole (and this one actually never taught).

Isn't this true for how we all live our lives? We are always trying to fit in. We fit in our lives into several vague repetitions and are forced to see things only in a way that they fit in, often glossing over the obvious. So whats wrong with it? Nothing, because there is so much wrong about everything. The band goes on appearing on TV. We shall also carry on before fading away.

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