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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Bring them all down

There are so many things around us that are inexplicable. And even though I am a firm believer in the idea that "not everything needs an explanation", I cant help mention these observations.
And most of them have to do with our religious beliefs.
We have studied in our schoolbooks that the sun is made up light gases and release energy through a process called fusion. Most commonly recorded features of the sun have been explained comprehensibly through physical and chemical laws. I find it so strange that many bright Hindu students, after reading these facts in their physics course pray to the sun every morning for better grades in the same course. I mean rote learning is something, but this is beyond that. What do such students believe the sun would do? Would it listen to their prayers and burn brighter while they study, so that they can read more clearly !!!!!!!
Several such examples are routine in our daily lives. Why does a chemistry student tie an amulet around his body to succeed in exams. Has he got a grasp of how the metal in the amulet reacts with his skin cells leading to better performance at the exams?
Or for that matter take astrology. Weekly or daily pedictions are published in liberal newspapers who claim to bring out the truth into the open.
Why are such irrational behaviours tolerated when it comes to religious beliefs? If we act irrationaly in our work or family life we have to bear severe repurcussions. Why should the treatment be any different when it comes to such irrational religious beliefs.
The miseries brought in by religious beliefs through crusades, jehads, casteism etc far outweighs the benefits they bring through bringing order, discipline and a feeling of hope. The Babri masjid was brought down in India in 1992. The people who did it missed the point. Salvation is not in bringing one down but in brnging all of all down.

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