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Friday, April 29, 2005

Where are the Rock and Roll children

I am one of them. But where are the others? Gone are the days when girls used to go wild over the hair bands like Bon Jovi, Cinderella, Poison and Ratt; that bearded males kept wildly swinging their heads listening to Slayer, Metal Church and Sepultura. Gone are the days when young studs wearing kurta pajamas would discuss Pink Floyd, Yes, Ten Years After; when people would sleep listening to Journey, Scorpions or Traffic. Gone are the days when you would jump around listening to Ugly Kid Joe, Red Hot ChilliPeppers and Green Day; when farmers would sow their fields listening to GnR. Gone are the days when even the french would have a Noir Desir and Germans could be proud of the Schenker brothers. Gone are the days when the guitars of Steve Vai, Eddie Van Halen, John Petrucci and Ywngie Malmsteen would be regarded as aspirational phallus; and people would die to have a voice like Chris Cornell, Ozzie Osbourne or Peter Steele.

Yes, gone are the days when I would be regarded as an idol just because I listened to all these great men and without learning anything about music; when I could get the attention of the crowd by uttering a few of these names; when I could win JAM competitions confusing the rest with such non-sensical word sequences (names of bands).

Today is the world of n'sync, backstreet boys, usher, Jlo and the rest. After all how long could the bearded men go about just head banging and no other ban***. How long could a fine bred lady just adore a metal guitar. After all, all men need a Brittney Spears at some point in their life and all women need a Ricky Martin.

More on this to follow


Sayan said...

We continue to roll. Dear Mr Shivazi(btw,thanks for visiting my blog)..with some degree of understanding of from where these frustrations I feel them too sometimes........ROCK will live. Those singers you referred to(how tempted was I to refer to them as Morons! Thompsons saved me ;-) ) do hold market share......but thats not all! We are there very much........and so is Rock........right from Hendrix upto Coldplay..........irrespective of the bhootnee-s, pain-rique-s and bennifers! As SUPERCZAR says, it will be the light of the chosen LET THERE BE ROCK, whether its the HIGHWAY to HELL or STAIRWAY to HEAVEN....and NOTHING ELSE MATTERS.

n.g. said...

Things change, dude. I grew up to bloody New kids on the Block till I was saved by Iron Maiden (Peace sells but whos buying!) and Priest and Megadeth. Of course once a rocker always a rocker, but ONE NEEDS TO BE SAVED. Problem nowadays is, there's no 2005 avatar of PEarl Jam. There's no Purple. there's no Led Zep. there's no KISS. there's no GNR. So if the kids have to be saved from Britney and Christina and Ronan Keating, who is to save them? Bands posing as Rockers are a dime a dozen. Rock has been bastardised to accomodate hiphop. Im not against that, but I dont think the current lot has the ability to turn impressionable kids into rockers. Which is why if you walk into Totos or Ghettos today, you'll be surrounded by kids who all look like they came from the same manufacturing facility, bopping their heads to bloody Nelly.