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Friday, June 24, 2005

Someone get me Rajiv Gandhi back

So much analysis has crept into our lives. Each and every action is analyzed for hours on TV. Every ball from a Bangladesh-Netherlands cricket match is analyzed so many times. Mandira Bedi analyzes screen shots during Sony Max movies. Soon after 9/11 experts cropped up from all corners of the world and started writing about Taliban and Arab life. And even the Kolkata municipality elections were analyzed for almost 24 hrs in a regional language channel. Some-times I wonder if global events are intentionally created by analysts. Sarbanes-Oxley implementers, please to take note.
Gone are the good old DD monopoly days when only Rajiv Gandhi would be shown everyday during the 20:30 news and he would say with a smile that India is on a fast-track course to super success. Convinced, I could then sleep peacefully. Nowadays there is no respite, each analysis is multiplied many times over by multiple news channels and there is an expert with an explanation for everything. Of course the random search for experts and explanations can lead to some goof-ups. For instance, the dubious claim by an expert in US that living with gay parents can be harmful for a child's mental development. The Michael Jackson trial was analyzed for hours by hundreds of lawyers and law experts and the majority expert opinion was that there would be some conviction. After Wacko was acquitted on all counts, John Stewart remarked - "Thank God, the lawyers and law experts were busy on TV and thank the TV channels for keeping them out of courtrooms."
All the same, I am tired of all these analysis. I switch channels whenever a news reader starts talking to an expert and I turn off the commentary during cricket matches. Someone get me my Rajiv Gandhi back.


n.g. said...

Ravi Shastri : So Inzy, aap kya kahenge aaj kya galat ho gaya?
Inzy: Sabse pehle allah taala ka shukriya ... haan kuchh catches chhodey lekin it is the part of the game ladkon mein jeetne ki kaabliyat hai aur hum agle match mein ... we will ... bharat ke upar ... hard ho jayenge ...
Ravi Shastri : Agar aaj ke match se kuchh positive nikala jaye toh woh kya hoga?ou
Inzy: Ladkon ne achha khela humne catches chhodey but that is par of the game ladke jeetna chahte hain, agle match mein aur mehnat karenge.
Shastri: Bowlers se naakhush aaj?
Inzy: Haan lekin catches chhodey but that is part of the game agle match mein hum jeetne ki koshish karenge.
Shastri: Inzy humse baat karne ke liye thank you.
Inzy: Thank you.

An Ideal Boy said...

You may not, but there are people out there who cannot do the analysis themselves. There are people who do not have any opinion about anything, they want somebody to give them an opinion which they can mug and then proclaim it as their own.
You may not like it but somebody needs it.