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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

The world after

Yes, the world shall never be the same again. and several other matrimonial sites have spread into our consciousness. If your colleague is working late at office, please check, he may be getting married soon. is good for the economy as so many new services may open up. There will be third party profile rating services in the lines of credit rating or movie reviewers. These raters would provide independent reviews of the attractiveness of profiles at - **, *** etc. Soon the market will be flooded with countless self-help books - How to write a profile in 24 hrs (like Learn HTML in 24 hrs), You can get married too (like You can win), What they don't show at (like What they don't teach at IIMs), Know your audience (girl or girl's father)
A mobile version of the site and its services may be available in future - one could then browse through countless profiles during that arduous train journey from Churchgate to Andheri!!!!!!!
The matrimony sites have also showed how Indian traditions, values and ethos are so very compatible with modern technologies and innovation - Religious and Casteist feelings have a ball in this supposedly liberating media.
The only concern I have with the popularity of these sites is that this may seriously widen the digital divide. As men from internet savvy families get married to women from internet savvy families only, a sub-species may evolve. As evolution takes charge and in-breeding among internet savvy populations reach incestuous proportions, will this new sub-species have drastically different traits from the homo-sapiens we know?
I have written all these, but for all you know, I may soon have to put up my profile up there :-(

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Hilarious post...