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Friday, July 08, 2005

Blame it on the enemy

Many of the political leaders in our country have this tendency to blame it on the Pakistani intelligence agency, the ISI, for any untoward incedent as we saw after the recent bomb blasts at Ayodhya. And they do it seconds after they come to know of the incident. If they had such good information about the cause why not do something to prevent the ISI? Or does the ISI specially ring up some of our politicians immediately after they had causes some damage? Of course, I dont think anyone in India takes these ISI blames seriously at all. But still, why glorify ISI by hypothesizing about its ability to harm India unchecked and in the process why belittle our own intelligence agencies? I wonder whether Pakistani politicians play the same blame game after any terrosist attack in their homeland. Such irresponsible claims does sometime bring harm to the blamers. Last year, the incumbent Spanish ruling party lost the elections after they incorrectly blamed the Basque militants for the Madrid blasts two days before the polls.


Ganesh S said...

hello are you crazy you dont have chennai in the best licing city

Narayanan Venkitu said...

Yeah....You should have included a couple more options.

Ofcourse...none of the above...too.!

Anil said...

No Pune there?
Pune is the most liveable city in India. Poll again, you will see.