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Thursday, September 29, 2005

Being Left, they can't walk straight

What a wonderful animal is India's left- I mean the left parties. They symbolize the very essence of an Indian mind (despite communism being an international concept). In my earlier posts, I had described an Indian's ability to believe in two contrasting theories at the same time. And this is best exemplified by our left- CPM, CPI, Forward Block, etc. Consider these:

The left is the most vocal and active opposition despite being the primary source of support for the ruling alliance. They have raised token and actual protest to every action of the government ranging from Airport privatization, oil price hike, disinvestment plans, vote against Iran and labor reforms. The left faces electoral challenges from the ruling alliance parties in its key states- Kerala and Bengal. At the same time everyone knows that they will never withdraw support from the ruling alliance. But so what?

So very left Kolkata has some of the most revered religious sites- Kalighat temple, Dakshineswar- with left party members and their families often visiting them. All this, despite atheism being such a central tenet of communism. But so what?

And we all are aware of left leaders sending their kids for education to the evil-capitalist-west, left leaders in Bengal running around to attract foreign investment from capitalist Japan and USA while protesting the moment someone else does the same. Look at the top left leaders like the Karats, Yecchuris, Basus and Bhattacharjees. None of them look like being from the toiling labor class whose skin has been burnt by working lifetime in the Indian summer. But so what?

Yes, they might have supported China during the 1962 war and the British during the Quit India movement. But they are the true Indians- always comfortable with hypocrisy. And the final proof: The left stand that FDI is only welcome when it helps India and never when the investor can make profit out of it. Isn't it so close of the age old Indian belief of "we are the best, others are just fools". More on this later.

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Pen said...

true das. they are a study in contradictions by themselves..

can you believe they persuaded the govt to extended retirement limits for all the airlines employees. and you would remember the PF interest hike - against market direction. as long as they have their support base intact and growing.. god save future governments!