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Monday, September 26, 2005

Bingo for credit cards

Continuing from Jayesh's post on the advent of free credit cards: So what can credit card companies do to improve their bottomlines? These are my suggestions (of course, the credit card companies are much smarter than me, but anyways):
1. Charge Rs 100 per day if you pay your dues before the due date, on the number of days by which you have paid early
2. Charging Rs 1000 if you fail to take a loan of Rs 12000 every 6 months on the card
3. Charging Rs 50000 if you fail to buy a plasma TV, Bose systems and a 6 Megapixel digital camera within 3 years of taking the card
4. Charging Rs 200000 if you fail to relocate from your current suburbian address to a south Mumbai address within 5 years of taking the card
5. Enabling the cards to detect whenever you cross a nearby branch and charging you everytime you do that
6. Charging you for every second you spend on their call center queing system
7. Charging you for failing to convince all your family members to become cardholders

Oh, this list can go on an on...Times are going to be good fo credit card companies. Run before they can find you.


Arun said...

LOL! Interesting list!

~ Arun

Anu said...

Hope credit card companies are not visiting your blog...:-)

Charukesi said...

great ideas! sure way of making sure there are no credit card users left at the end of the first year. oh, I love the thought!