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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

World's most peculiar professions

Do you think that you have the most boring profession? Well, consider these ones:
1) Elevator operator: Sitting or standing within that small box, they go up and down all day. No one to talk to, even radio or mobile signals hardly reach there. He has to live with the occasional bad breath, bad sweat smell and sometimes - a fart. No valuable skill aquired. Only points of excitement are when a nice looking gal enters the lift.
2) Chauffer: Driving for a max of couple of hours in a day.Sitting idle within the small space- biiten by mosquitoes because he is not authorized to switch on the A/C. His lunch time depends on the whim of a fat rich man who also keeps scolding him every now and then.
3) Operator of Bunjee jumps/Roler Coasters: Doing the same thing everyday. Worse, he has to listen to the wild pointless screams of people as they take the rides; and he has to keep smiling all the time.
4) Animal and Bird game show presenters: The ones whom you see in any zoo- these guys show the same games and crack the same jokes day after day. Add to that the smell, dirt and whims of the animals.

And what about the job of an executioner? His job is the most controversial. He works only a few days a year. But even one of the days he works, can spoil the mental peace of his whole life. Where does your profession stand?


Jayesh said...

What about the Mumbai traffic cop? He breathes dust and smoke instead of oxygen, he has to instill discipline into reckless drivers, his life expectancy is 15 yrs lower than average, all this for a Rs.5000 salary.

Unknown said...

Whew, that was a pretty cool list! Let's hope that people can derive satisfaction out of the fact that they have better jobs than these, atleast!

Unknown said...

You would be very lucky to have a job which truly keeps you happy. And in a country like India or rather worldwide, the key is SURVIVAL so man works hard to earn his living. After he crosses that stage only does he seek other pleasures which includes finding an "interesting job" for himself.

I work at an Ad Agency, and so far life has been interesting.

Anonymous said...

You haven't heard of the proctologist yet?