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Monday, December 12, 2005

Airline lies and my misfortune

I hate flying (I mean in airplanes) and have strong feelings against the airlines, airports and everyone associated with it. I had written a post earlier on how the airlines could finally bump into profit. And here is a list of lies that airlines will tell you so often:

Airlines often tell you that keeping mobile phones on during flights may interfere with aviation systems. This is an utter lie. Come on, if it was really so, then you should go and gift a garland of shoes to the idiot who designed such prone aviation systems.

On American Airlines, there is an announcement before every flight that people in the economy seats should not use the restrooms located in the business class section of the plane, because “this policy has been made to ensure security and safety (of the economy class passengers)”. Do they mean to say that the business class passengers may turn violent when someone from economy uses their restrooms?

Many of us would have encountered situations where we had been dropped from flights because of checking in late. And when you start making loud protests getting yourself heard by other passengers, a seat suddenly shows up in the system for you.

We all know why the airlines say all these things that they say. Asking to switch of mobile phones is mainly to prevent inconvenience to fellow passengers and disruptions in the ground mobile networks. Same goes for the restroom announcement. But why not say the actual reason? Why take all the passengers as stupid idiots when the airlines are the ones losing money?

The airlines unknowingly keep taking their revenge on me for writing all these. On December 9th, I was supposed to fly out of Chicago to Boston. A bizarre plane mishap (that killed a boy in a street near the airport) and severe snowstorms meant that all my flights were cancelled. After having spent 6hrs at the airport and then 2hrs outside in subzero cold to catch a taxi, I cam back to my hotel. The next day, I tried to get out again. This time I had to wait 8hrs in the airport before I gave up and returned to the hotel. Of course, the airlines didn’t cause the snowstorms, but the airline did cancel all my flights, responded to me in the most irresponsible way, and kept on pushing me further and further on standby lists for the flights that did go through. On one case my name dropped from no8 in the standby list to no62. When will mankind stop using airlines? When will telephony, video-conferencing and broadband internet all but wipe out the whole flying industry?


Jayesh said...

As soon as per diems disappear and corporate overheads diminish

Anonymous said...

the cartoon is superb! had me cracking up :)
as for the restrooms, maybe they think economy class passengers may not know how to operate the sophisticated tap systems in first class and may thus injure themselves with the end of a faucet...? whatever...