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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Delhi needs Zidane; Bacchan on track for Nobel

After the horrific Mumbai Blasts and the useless crap published by news papers about Mumbai’s resilience (such reporting makes mockery of the seriousness of such issues) and the super-intelligent security agencies have found apparently hundreds of clues all linking to known brands (come-on guys; don’t go to class after the school is over); I thought I would rather write about something lighter. And like that legendary Art Buchwald column after 9/11; let me plagiarize, “We Mumbaikars will laugh again”.

Zidane says that Matarazzi had said something insulting about his mother and sister that led him to give him a dhus. Matarazzi says he said something rather innocuous about his shirt. So who said what and who listened to what? What language were they speaking; or was it pure misunderstanding at high temperature. Whatever it may be, Zidane must be invited by Indian government to must spend a few months training in Delhi. Just imagine a city of 15 million people, all lying in the ground after being butted by Zidane.

On the other hand, Amitabh Bacchan’s academic career has got a sudden upswing. He is about to get his 3rd phD by the end of this year. Everything about Bacchan comes in big bundles: like suddenly he was in all ads; suddenly he was on all movies; and now he is going to be on the phD roster of all universities. A friend asked, what for is the phD? I said I didn’t know. I checked up the newspapers and no one knew. May be even Big B doesn’t know what for he is getting the phD. But the new geek on the block has got more to come; he says about himself, “There has not been any concerted effort to follow or pursue academics. But here is a deep desire to do so. How and when, I just do not know.” Without doing anything, Big B got 3; soon the Nobel prize list may be filled with an Indian and we bongs, as always, would then like to say, “he also has a Kolkata connection.”

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Deepali Sinha-Khetriwal said...

hey i like ur idea to invite zidane to show us how to tell others to butt-off..i think the materraazi's (aka politicians) who spew the same bla-bla insulting our intelligence should be butted-off their places! a new 'coup' of sorts!