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Monday, August 27, 2007

Gramsci and quest to speed up life

Last week, I came across this article about a light bulb (orb) that changes color if a pre-assigned stock price falls or rises. Such a light is supposed to help you avoid waste time on accessing information critical to you. How many of us yearn for the comfort of the period before 1970s: when we would always be correct in judging a person by his skin color; and all it took was a glance. Wherever you look, marketers are coming up with products that help you save time: instant noodles, instant French, pre-chewed food, and instant erection. Instant superstars - American idol, the Apprentice, Pre-emptive attacks!!!! DHA, ARA - make your brains work earlier in your life. How to learn HTML in 24 hours, 7 habits of effective people - instant pocket guides to salvation.

In developing countries, where the petty bourgeois is increasing by thousands, “I just don’t have the time” has become the greatest thing that one can say. Once you say it, you have brilliantly posed your due claim on the road to corporate echelon. How would Gramsci describe this cultural hegemony?

Let me say too, proudly, “I just don’t have the time”. But hey, aren’t we all being forced to have the time (or should I say waste time) for the things that affect us more in life? In all cities, time for commuting to work is increasing every day. It takes more time today than yesterday to flag down a taxi and to get a seat at one’s favorite restaurant. It takes longer and longer to get to speak to an agent in a call center. It takes more time to retire as governments faced by budgetary pressures make people spend more time at work as they increase retirement age. So does it really matter if I can download a file faster if takes now so much more time to die as human life-span itself keeps getting longer, giving us all the time we need and more?


Anu said...

that is beacause in all our saved time, we all tend to go to the same opportunity to invent more places where the saved time can be used...:-)

Shivaji said...

Guess thats one way to look at it