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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Taking networking socially to another level

The craze about social networks is still at its peak. Even the nuclear powers are thinking of a social networking site that will deny access to everyone but North Korea and Iran. Like migratory birds, fans of social networking move from one site to another, each time inviting their entire list of existing friends in their current social networking site to the new one. After this initial flurry of activities in the new site spread over a couple of months, these social networking birds migrate to another, leaving only their droppings or old scraps behind. At the same time, new formats have come up that can help make people more socially networked or avoid the pitfalls of being known too well in the internet world.

Alibila: For $19 or more, it will help adulterers live a dual life in peace. The company provides customized alibis that may take form of an urgent phone call asking you to turn up at office, invitations from fictional weddings that justify your absence for that evening, and even merchandise from imaginary conferences to justify your solitary trip to that resort.

Popularity Dialer: This is especially useful for those losers for whom the only person ever to call them are call center agents asking them to buy some insurance product. The popularity dialer helps you plan for a fake phone call at a desired time, great to prove that you are very important and sought after or to give you an excuse to flee from unwanted engagements.

Coincidence Design: This company scripts coincidences so that one can meet up with his dream date under some pretext. The company begins by doing research on all personal details of the target including their likes and dislikes, and then arranges for coincidences like attending the same party or even adjacent seats on a flight. Total cost could be in excess of $80,000, but then it is meant for rich losers only.

Reputation-Defender: For $9.95 per month, the company will scan the web for any references to the subscriber. For $29.95 per item they will even work towards deleting any item in the web that the subscriber considers malicious to her reputation. Now that’s not a high price to pay, especially if you are not attractive and yet have many ugly pictures hanging around in the web.

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